Salt Biscuits | make at home easily

salted biscuits

salted biscuits

Salt biscuits are one kind of regular biscuits. In these biscuits, some less sugar and more salt are used than regular biscutes. For this reason, it tastes like something salted. Salt biscutes are a common and popular biscutes that we eat regularly. We can find it in any kind of local store or bakery. All kinds of people like these salted biscutes especially diabetes patients. Because it contains a few amounts of sugar which are good for their health.
Here I have collected the simplest and easiest way to make salted biscuits. By following this, you can make salted biscutes at home very easily. I am going to describe all of the steps and making process of these salted biscutes.

How Are They Different From Regular Biscuits?

The Salt biscuits are delicious and a very common recipe. It is something different from the regular biscutes because it is a salt-based biscutes. Where most of the biscutes are sugar based. By using additional salt, none of the tastes loses. The advantage of these salted biscutes is, we can preserve them longer than the regular biscutes. Because salt is one kind of natural preservative. For this reason, salted biscutes remain good for a long time than other biscutes. For this health benefit, we can find it in every local store and bakery. Know more about these salted biscutes.

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Health Benefits of Salt Biscuits

There are a lot of benefits to these salted biscutes. It contains low fat and high fiber into it. For this reason, people of all ages eat these salted biscutes a large amount without thinking of their health issues. Besides, it helps to keep blood cholesterol lower and improve health conditions.

Another reason, it is too easy to make. Most bakery item is hard and time-consuming to make. For this reason, people avoid making bakery items at home and buy them from a local store which is not good for their health. Because the food in the store contains harmful preservatives and chemicals into it. Though it is very easy to make, people can make these salted biscutes very easily at home. Homemade food is always beneficial for health. For this reason, these salted biscutes are beneficial for our health and body. 


Ingredients of salt biscuits

  1. Butter: Butter is one kind of fat from milk. It is a pale yellow spreadable fat made by churning fresh or fermented cream or milk. Butter gives an extra taste to the recipe. We will use 1 cup of butter in this recipe. 
  2.  Sugar: Sugar is a carbohydrate.  Additionally, sugar gives a sweet taste to the biscuit. we will use 0.25 cups of sugar in this recipe
  3. water: Fresh regular water 0.5 cup
  4. Salt: Salt is a must for this recipe, as it is named salted biscuit. It gives a salty flavor to the biscuit which is a favorite of all.
  • Cardamom powder: Cardamom gives a nice smell to the biscuits. We will use 5 pieces of Cardamom powder in this recipe.
  • Baking powder: Baking powder is a must for all kinds of baking items. It uses to increase the texture of baking items. 1 teaspoon of baking powder is needed for this item.
  • Flower: Just basic flour is needed for this recipe. Use 4 cups of flour here.
  • Black sesame seeds: 0.25 teaspoon of black sesame seeds.


Making process

  • First of all, take a bowl to mix all of the ingredients.
  • Then, put 1 cup butter and 0.25 cup sugar into the bowl. You can use clarified butter also instead of butter. If you use clarified butter, then we will need less water than butter. Mix it for a while. Mix very well
  • After that, put 5 pieces of Cardamom powder and 0.25 teaspoons of Black sesame seeds into the bowl.
  • Then, put 1 teaspoon of baking powder into the bowl. Also half of the flour. Put more flour slowly and also mix it until become too hard. If it becomes hard, then do not mix the rest of the flour.

Show the details making process here:


Salt Biscuits making and baking

  • Make a 0.5 cm thin bread with this biscuit dough. Then use a biscuit cutter to cut out the perfectly shaped biscuit.
  • Then, use a spoon to make lines and design them into the biscuit.
  • Arrange the biscuits into a baking tray to bake.
  • Turn on the oven. Heat the oven to 200 degrees calculus or 400-degree farenhight.
  • Bake the biscuits for 20-25 minutes.
  • At last, the biscuits are ready to serve.