Mushroom mother culture | The seed of mushroom

mushroom mother culture

mushroom mother culture

Mushroom is a tasty and delicious food that contains a lot of protein, fiber, and nutrients. Besides, it is very easy to cultivate this mushroom very easily at home.  For mushroom cultivation, first, we need the seed of the mushroom. Basically, this mushroom mother culture is the process to make the seed of all kinds of mushrooms including oyster mushrooms, button mushrooms, and all other mushrooms. It is the seed of a mushroom. By using this mother culture, we can cultivate mushrooms.

Mother culture making is not too hard. We can make it at home by maintaining some rules. But this mother culture is made from a pure culture. This mushroom pure culture is made in a laboratory and it is a lengthy process. To make this pure culture, we have to observe proper temperature, environment, and a lot of things. For this reason, people avoid this process and make mother-culture mushrooms for mushroom cultivation.


Mother culture preparing types:

We can prepare this mother culture in 3 ways. They are:

  1. First, wood powder of easily rotting tree-like mango tree, jackfruit tree.
  2. Second, paddy. It is pure paddy without separating the rice from it.
  3. Third, wheat.

We can use 3 of them to make mother culture. But we will make our mother culture with wood powder. Because it is cheap in cost. Also, it is better than wasting food like paddy or wheat. We cannot use all kinds of wood powder for this task. We have to use the theme, which will rot fast. Wood powder of jackfruit tree and mango tree is perfect for this task. Also, it is available everywhere. For this reason, we can find it anywhere very easily.

Basic ingredients and materials:

Here, we are going to make 4 packets of mother culture of 300 grams per packet.  To make this, we will need some basic ingredients and materials. They are:


  •   Wood powder 400 gram
  •   wheat husk 200 gram
  •   Calcium carbonate(lime) 0.5 gram
  •   Pure culture.
  •   Water 50% of them



  •   Plastic polyethylene 7*10 inch
  •   4 Plastic neck. 1 for each packet
  •   White cotton
  •   Brown paper
  •   Some Rubber bands
  •    Weight machines to measure
  •   Big saucepan.
  •   A stove.
  •    The air-conditioned room is where we can control the temperature very easily.
  •   Gloves, mask, and apron.


Making the process of mother culture of mushroom

  1. To begin with, clean the area well where you are going to work and spray some anti-bacterial spray in this area. Because some unwanted virus or bacteria can harm our process.  For this reason, It is very important.  
  2. After that, take a bowl to mix all of the ingredients. A medium-sized bowel will be perfect for this measure.
  3. Then, put all of the ingredients including wood powder, wheat husk, lime, water, and another thing except pure culture. Mix them well by hand or machine. Make sure, all of them are mixed well. especially lime. Because there is very little lime in this mixture.
  4. Then, take a weight machine and a plastic bag. Put 300 grams of the mixture in each plastic bag. Put a neck in the start of the plastic bag and bind it with a plastic rubber. fill up the gap of the neck with a piece of cotton.
  5. Our basic packet is ready. Now the next step is to sterilize this packet and put pure culture into it.


mushroom mother culture

Sterilize and conservancy:

Our packet is ready. Now we have to sterilize the packet. This process is important because it is important to rot the wood powder to make the mother culture. Basically, dry wood powder hardly rots. For this reason, we will do a process which is called the Sterilized process. By doing this, the wood powder will rot fast and our mother culture will be prepared fast.

We have to sterilize this mushroom packet in an autoclave at 121-degree Celsius and 1.5 atm pressure for one hour.

After that, cold the packet for 1-2 hours. When the packet is cold and touchable, we must take our pure culture. We have to remove the cotton from the neck and place the pure culture into the packet. After placing the pure culture into the packet, we have to close it with the cotton again.

Finally, our packet is fully prepared for mushroom cultivation. Now we have to keep this packet in a temperature-controlled room for 15-20 days. This time, the white mycelium will bear into the bag. After this time period, our mother culture will prepare and be ready to use as mushroom seed.