Mushroom Cultivation Steps and Growing Process Easily

mushroom cultivation

mushroom cultivation

The Mushroom is one sort of food, which looks as if an umbrella. It is one sort of fungus, which may be very scrumptious to consume and incorporates an excessive amount of Nutrition which allows offering the right energy. This mushroom is well-known as a vegetable worldwide. Besides, this mushroom has too many clinical benefits. For this reason, numerous types of natural medication are constructed with this mushroom. Another issue approximately mushrooms are, they include a variety of fivers. For this reason, diabetes sufferers, excessive blood stress sufferers, and different sufferers can effortlessly consume this tasty and healthful food. I will discuss here the mushroom cultivation steps and mushroom growing process. So that people can easily grow mushroom and cultivate them.


Mushroom World Market and Production: 

At present, people from more than 100 countries are cultivating mushrooms. And the largest market for that mushroom is China. China alone produces 70% of the mushroom in the whole world. Other countries that produce mushrooms in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, India, America, and so on. China is producing this vast amount of mushrooms for export. 

This world market mushroom is increasing day by day for its food nutrients. Besides, some of the medicine needs mushrooms. Only 6 countries of the world consume 85% of the mushroom alone. They are:

  • USA 30%
  • Germany 17%
  • UK 10%
  • France 11%
  • Italy 10%
  • Canada 6%

 And the rest of the 15% of mushrooms is consumed by people from other countries of the world.

Mushroom Cultivation Steps to Grow Up:

It is a lengthy process and steps to growing mushrooms. Because mushrooms do not grow in the land or tub. We have to make a mixture of some basic ingredients. Mushrooms grow there. Besides, we can not collect mushroom seeds in regular ways. We have to make fresh mushrooms by following too many steps.

Mushroom cultivation steps are:

  1.     Create pure culture
  2.     Create mother culture
  3.     Mix this pure culture and mother culture in a fixed amount and make some packets of this mixture in a polythene bag.
  4.     After that, cut this packet and water the packet regularly
  5.     Collect the mushroom after some times
  6.     Finally, it will be ready to sell and eat.


Benefits of Mushroom Cultivation and Advantages: 

There are a lot of advantages to mushroom cultivation. Mushroom has too many food nutrients. This mushroom cultivation benefits People who are willing to cultivate mushrooms and encourages people to eat mushrooms. Some of them are:

  •   It can be cultivated all over the world. Mushroom is not seasonal vegetable. For this reason, people can cultivate this mushroom anytime.
  •   It needs very few amounts to start mushroom cultivation. People with a very small amount of money can start cultivating mushrooms and also can get back this money within a very short time by selling this mushroom.
  •   Besides, no sunlight is required to grow mushrooms. For this reason, people can grow mushrooms anywhere. Also, cultivated land is not required for mushroom cultivation.
  •   Mushroom cultivation is Environmentally friendly. Because it does not need any pesticides and fertilizer. For this reason, people can cultivate it in the house too.
  •   We can get mushrooms in a very short time. Some types of mushroom yield within 15-20 days only. Which is not possible for one of the crops. Because other crops and trees take a lot of time to grow up. After a lot of time, they produce output. But we can get very fast crops from the mushroom
  •   Farmers can produce it at home. Besides, it does not need long-time hard work. For this reason, any householder can easily take care of this mushroom. 


Duration to grow up mushroom:



Mushrooms produce very fast crops. Because it does not need to plow and prepare any kind of land. Also, it does not grow in any kind of tree. We can grow mushrooms in wood powder, rice husk, straw, and so on. For this reason, in a very short time, we can produce mushrooms with this thing.

There are many varieties of mushrooms. Cultivation time varies by species. All types of mushrooms produce within 1-3 months. From preparing seeds to collecting mushrooms, most of the mushrooms produce crops within this time.

Oyster mushrooms grow very fast. Pink oyster mushrooms produce the fastest mushroom. It takes only 15-20 days to grow a full mushroom. This mushroom is called a summer mushroom. Because it can be grown at 35–38-degree Celsius temperature.


Some mushroom cultivation difficulties

Mushroom cultivation is beneficial, but sometimes farmers face some common difficulties growing this mushroom. Some of them are:

  1. Temperature control problem. Each of the variants of mushrooms needs different temperatures to grow.
  2. Fungus problem. Sometimes, some unwanted fungus is found in the mushroom which disrupts the production of mushroom
  3. Defected mother culture. Mother culture is the seed of a mushroom. Sometimes, defective mother culture creates fewer mushrooms. Sometimes, it does not produce any crops.