3 best Ways Hennessy Margarita Recipe you can make

hennessy margarita recipe

Hennessy margarita recipe

Are you looking for a fresh and refreshing drink to make a regular day special?. So, try this strawberry Hennessy Margarita recipe. It is very easy to make and also refreshing. It is quite similar to the strawberry Hennessy recipe

Basically, we can make strawberry Hennessy Margarita recipe in many ways. . However, it is a very simple and refreshing recipe that can be made very easily at home. It is also not too costly. So, it can be a great source of vitamin C for our daily needs.

The main ingredients of the strawberry Hennessey margarita recipe are:

  • Hennessy
  • Lime juice
  • And Tequila.

There are too many approaches to making this Strawberry Hennesy margarita recipe. All of the recipes have different flavors and tastes. That’s why all of the items are most popular among people. Some most cherished and popular items are the Strawberry Hennessy Margarita recipe Hennessy mango margarita, and Hennessy tequila margarita. I have gathered all of the recipes and the simplest making process of all of the drinks. Here’s the unique manner to make the drink.

What is Hennessy margarita?

Basically, Hennessy comes from the Kayak region of France. And margarita comes from Mexico. They make together a smooth finish which is loved by Hennessy drinkers and margarita drinkers both. Besides, it is also similar to Classic Sidecar. basically, a Classic sidecar is one kind of basic cocktail. Know the history of Margarite also


  • Some ice cube
  • Hennessey Cognac of 2 oz 
  • 3 oz of tequila
  • Triple sec 1 oz 
  • Simple sugar syrup 1 oz
  • Grand Marnier 1 oz
  • Lime juice to garnish (according to taste).


Making process

First of all, take a cocktail shaker to combine all the ingredients and make the strawberry Hennessy Margarita recipe.

Then, positioned a few ice cubes withinside the glass. It will make the juice cold and also help to shake and mix all of the ingredients well.

Similarly, put 2 oz. of Hennessey Cognac on this glass. Hennessy Cognac is the maximum essential factor in this recipe.

Then, positioned 3 oz. of tequila withinside the cocktail shaker.

In the same way, put triple syrup, Grand Marnier, and syrup in the glass.

Likewise, put some lime juice in the shaker. It is not mandatory to put the lime juice, but, it will make e good flavor and finishing in this recipe.

After that shake the cocktail shaker for some moment.

Finally, take a glass to serve. Put some small cubes of ice in the glass and pour all of the liquid into the glass except old ice. You can also use some mint leaves to garnish.

2. Frozen Hennesy mango margarita recipe:

Hennesy mango margarita


This recipe is quite similar and equal to the Hennesy margarita recipe. But, it is made by a blender. I am going to make frozen Hennesy mango margarita in the most common and regular way.


  •  Frozen mango
  •  1.5 Oz of Hennessy
  •  Mango margarita 1.5 – 2 Oz
  •  sweet and sour 0.5 Oz (optional) 
  •  2 Oz of calypso juice
  •  Some small Ice cube
  •  Some garnish to serve the juice.

Making process

First of all, take a blender and put some ice cubes into the blender.
Then, put some frozen mango in this jar. It is ok if the mango cube is not frozen.

Similarly, put Hennessy in the blender. we are using 1.5 oz of Hennessy for this recipe. 

Then, put `the mango margarita inside the blender. We will put the same as Hennessy, 1.5 oz of mango margarita.  It is better to take an 1800 mango margarita. Because it’s smell so good and also well tasted. This is perfect for this recipe.

After that, we are going to put 0.5 oz of sweet-sour. It is not mandatory (optional). But, it will increase the flavor of the recipe.

In the same way, we are going to put calypso juice in the blender.

Finally, put some more ice in the blender, then blend for some while.

At last, it is ready to serve. We can use some slices of strawberry to put as garnish. It will give a nice look and also give some extra taste.


3. strawberry Hennessy margarita on the rocks:

strawberry Hennessy margarita on the rocks

strawberry Hennessy margarita on the rocks

strawberry Hennessy margarita on the rocks is petty much like Hennessy mango margarita. But, the main difference between the two recipes is, that we have to use a juice shaker to make strawberry Hennessy margarita on the rocks instead of a blender. The making process of this recipe is described in detail.


  • 1 oz. Hennessey
  • 1 oz. Mango Margarita
  • 0.5 oz. sweet and sour mix
  • Top off With Calypso pineapple peach limeade
  • Garnish (Strawberry slices & Frozen Mangos)

Making process:

First of all, take a juice shaker and put here some ice cubes.

After that, take 1 Oz of Hennessy. Put this Hennessy in the juice shaker. It absolutely relies upon flavor and the quantity you’re making. It is one person’s recipe.

Similarly, put 1 Oz of mango margarita in the juice shaker. you can add some more mango margarita. It will not change the taste anymore.

Then, put 0.5oz of sweet and sure in the shaker. It is an optional item.; But, it will make the flavor of the drink far better.

At last, shake all of the elements for a while. After shaking some moment, it is ready to serve.

Finally, it is ready to serve. Take a glass and put on some ice cubes. Then pour the mix into the glass. Garnish the juice by piece frozen mango.