Bahama mama tropical smoothie recipe

bahama mama tropical smoothie recipe

Bahama mama tropical smoothie


Are you looking for a refreshing smoothie recipe in the hot summer? The Bahama mama tropical smoothie recipe is a sweet and refreshing recipe that is very easy to make and also delicious. It is one of the most popular hot summer drinks. Also, it is full of natural fruits which contain too many vitamins and minerals

Bahama mama tropical smoothie cafe is a great way to get proper fruit taste and nutrients this summer which is very delicious to eat and also healthy. Fresh fruits are healthy and refreshing. Likewise, milk and cream provide a high protein content.

There are many things used to make this recipe. But 

  1. Coconut
  2. Pineapple 
  3. sweet strawberry
  4. Cream or milk

are the main ingredients of this recipe. So it is genial and healthy. Because all of the fruits and elements are 100% natural. Besides, all of these are pure fruit and fruits increase disease resistance.

Besides, the whole of this recipe needs no artificial sugar. That’s why it contains no diabetes and high-pressure issue which mainly occur in some foods.

Now, I have gathered here the easiest and most delicious Bahama mama tropical smoothie recipe here which can be made very easily and short time.

What is a Bahama mama tropical smoothie?

The tropical flavors of vanilla and mango come together with tart passion fruit juice and crunchy granola in today’s fruity smoothie recipe. This healthy tropical smoothie is a great way to start your day! You’ll find lots of surprising uses for those leftover passion fruits around your kitchen – check out our recipes using passion fruit for more inspiration. 

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Bahama mama smoothie tropical smoothie making process:

We can make every food in many ways. But sometimes it depends on the person’s tastes and requirements. However, different ingredients may not change the core taste of the recipe, but improve flavor and personal requirements. Specifically Here, I am giving the easiest and simplest way to make this recipe. Likewise, all the ingredients and their manufacturing process are given below step by step.


  • Sweet strawberries 5 oz

  • Chopped coconut, 2 oz

  • Fresh Pineapple, 3 oz

  • ½ cup of milk

  • 1 cup ice

  • A blender to blend

Making process:

Now I am going to describe the details process to make the Bahama mama smoothie tropical smoothie recipe.

Firstly, take a blender to mix all of the ingredients and make the juice.

juice blender


After that, put 1 cup of ice cube in this blender. Ice cube makes the juice cold and refreshing. Besides, it makes the juice thicker. Try to keep the ice cube in small pieces. It will help to blend the ice fast and easily.

ice cube

ice cube


Then, take 5 oz of strawberry. Cut the strawberries into small pieces. It is not mandatory to cut the strawberries. Try to collect fresh strawberries. Sometimes, frozen strawberries make the juice discolored. Keep those strawberries in the blender.

bahama mama tropical smoothie recipe strawberries

Bahama mama tropical smoothie recipe strawberries

Similarly, take a fresh pineapple. Cut the pineapple into small pieces. Try to taste the pineapple before putting it into the jar. Make sure, the pineapple is sweet. Sometimes, sour pineapples make the milk lamb and if the milk is lumb, the whole recipe will be wasted. Put 3 oz of pineapple from the pieces into the blender to make Bahama mama tropical smoothie recipe.




In the same way, put ½ cup of milk and ¼ cup of chocolate chips. Powder milk is recommended to make this recipe.

After putting all of the ingredients, blend well. Blend it until 2-3 minutes. Make sure, all the fruits and ices blend well and become smooth.

At last, it is time to serve and enjoy the drink. Looks are nothing, but it makes the food attractive and sometimes makes it more delicious. Use a glass and some ice cubes to serve the food.

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Calories per serving

The recipe contains 266 (at 1/2 cup per serving) Protein:

  • 11 g Total Carbohydrates.
  • 54 g Fiber
  • 6.9 g Fat
  • 3.7 g Saturated Fat
  • 2.1 g Sugar
  • 33 g Sodium
  • 77 mg Iron
  • 0.8 mg Calcium
  • 16 mg Vitamin A
  • 47 % Vitamin C

This recipe is mainly preferred as a great source of vitamin C. Besides, it will give a refreshment. Because it contains fresh natural seasonal fruits.